Clean Room for Operation Theatres

  • If you require an ultra clean environment, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver it.
  • As we are already leaders in Sterilization and infection control, with clean room solutions we complete all verticals of Sterilization.
  • We can apply both off-site and on-site construction techniques to deliver a wide range of controlled clean air, containment environments and laboratories to a wide variety of industries including Operation Theatre.
  • We provide fully commissioned facilities, incorporating building services, internal finishes, supply and extract air filtration systems and specialist equipment.

why choose us

  • Since we are manufacturing of Sterilization equipment's and providing services for over a decade, we are in better position to provide bacteria free and contamination free environment than most of our competitors.


  • Clean room system consist of a plenum box supplied with conditioned air from the central system via HEPA filters mounted on the inlet to the supply ceiling.It is installed in the hospitals to ensure air flow All HEPA filters and housings are factory tested.
  • All ceilings incorporate supports to secure them to the main structural frame of the modular operating theatre.

Laminar Air Flow

  • Laminar Air Flow means that the flow of air is continuous, steady and unidirectional, with the entire body of air in the room moving with a low uniform velocity in parallel planes. In rooms equipped with Laminar Flow Patterns, the idea is to have a steady patterns of ail flow.
  • The operation theatre has to be with clean air for operation, like orthopedic surgery, to avoid, infections of operation wounds which may be fatal in certain cases, involving lots of legal complication these days. To keep the air clean of dust, fungus, microorganisms the operation theatre laminar flow air filtration is the only system available.
  • Laminar flow hoods use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to sterilize and remove particulates from the air. HEPA filters in aluminium extruded frames with wire mesh protection and made of Ultra fine Glass fibre media has a Retention capacity of 0.3 micron at 99.97% efficiency with initial pressure drop at 12 mm WG.

Walls and ceiling panel system

  • The partition wall system design facilitates the dismantling of any individual panel, to provide easy access for later installations, alterations or repair work. Wall partitions are a composite construction of two skin of PPGI or SS304 over an GI with powder coated frame work with a sealed and insulated interior.The self-supporting internal walls are constructed with an interior GI frame work.
  • The Partition seams are sealed by silicone with a perfectly flush finishing. All internal corner wall panels are curved and easy to clean. Ceiling is made of individually detachable panels with standard dimensions.Anti bacterial paint ensures enhanced protection against possible Infection.

Clean Room Doors:

Pass Box:

  • The pass box offers easy access or passage of materials the between clean room and outer dust areas. The pass box works as an essential link between the two environments and offer maximum protection against outer contamination when objects are passed into or out of the clean room.According to the requirement of customers, we can add UV lamp.


  • This range of return air risers is specially designed to improve the overall appearance of cleaned room. This return air riser is available in different grades and dimensions that suits best with the demands and requirements.
  • In-built riser wall panels are made composite construction of two skin of PPGI or SS304 over an GI with powder coated frame work with a sealed and insulated interior.

Air Curtain :

  • These air curtains provide functionality with air velocity of 10-12 m/sec with operating power support required of 230-V. These are made available in SS & MS finish with support of limit switch / motion sensor and flame proof motor and provides suitable usage for preventing hot air/dust from entering secured surroundings.

Positive pressure System:

  • Positive Air Pressure Cleanroom normally operate in an air pressure range of 0.02 in. to 0.2 in water column (H20). Positive air pressure means the cleanroom are "pumped up” with more filtered air then the surrounding space outside the cleanroom.
  • These are highly specialized equipment's and are carefully designed to provide a clean area within a small enclosure or a cell. The Positive Pressure modules are designed and work on the principle similar to that of the Laminar Airflow.
  • Fixed at the rear end of the unit is the pre-filter. While a bowler assembly is used for the purpose of air suction, the air is passed through the HEPA filter where the filtration's of highest level take place.